Sunday, April 15, 2007

Trying to play 'Wonder Woman' sure makes your own personal writing suffer. I haven't written something for myself in a long time... And I still feel behind. The editing gig I got isn't going so well because there was a big, unexpected hurdle to jump that work and school are preventing me from jumping. I also owe Estella an article on truth & books pretty soon. I started it this morning but I soon realized it sounded waaaayy too much like the last article I wrote for them. Yikes.

Am I subconsciously recycling material??

The creative writing class I just pretty much completed (still have an exam to take, otherwise done) forced me to write short stories and dialogues all the time, and it was great. I am the kind of writer who seriously needs prompts. I guess 'need' is a strong word but they sure help.

I 'need' a push.


Susan said...

Hi April, I'm tagging you for the meme "What is your favorite type of writing?"

Amanda A. said...

I really miss creative writing classes! Knowing that someone is going to be actively reading what I write and the writing ideas and prompts greatly help me.

You sound overloaded. I, however, am just lazy! ;0)