Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some happy things

  • A new Estella's Revenge is out. That's always a happy thing for readers. Even if I didn't write for it, I'd still love it.
  • WHY Magazine has published an article I wrote for them entitled "Open Door Policy." (They've got a nice flash site so I can't direct link; you've gotta go to the issue and find it!)
  • I have written an article for a Swiss magazine and gotten a deal to write more. April Boland hits Europe! ;)
  • I have been offered my own column at GENEROUS, the 'zine from Crazations.com. It doesn't pay, but it's my own! And they give me advertising space, which I will use for ... that's right, you guessed it, Della Donna.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and is writing hard.

1 comment:

Andi said...

VERY happy things!!! Good work!