Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Pseudonym Conundrum

Okay, so many of you might recall that I am in the process of publishing one of my essays in an anthology under a pseudonym because the subject matter is very personal. I struggled with this decision because I thought that my acceptance and subsequent publishing were both great steps for my writing career, so why should a woman with a made-up name get the credit? In the end, however, I determined that it was worth it to retain privacy, as I can carry copies of the piece in my portfolio in the future anyway.

Today I received an e-mail from the president of the publishing company, asking if I would be willing to be interviewed by the media in conjunction with book promotion. Oh, the exposure every writer dreams of! Now I can either be interviewed as someone else or just pass altogether. It doesn't help that the publishing company is based in my hometown of New York City, so that will probably be the targeted media.

I am so happy and proud and yet quite frustrated :)

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Andi said...

Congratulations on the publication! I wish I had some advice for your conundrum, though.