Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Featuring Domestic Violence

It occurs to me that I should write about what has been my biggest writing project over the last few months. Several months ago I applied for a gig at The Good Life magazine here in Austin. The editor let me know that although the position had been filled, he had read my article, "Breaking the Silence: Why Violence Against Women is No Joke," and was interested in speaking with me about writing a domestic violence feature for his magazine.

Naturally, I was floored. Domestic violence has always been a passionate issue for me and I have dreamed of the opportunity to write something about it that could make a difference.

I have spent the last few months gathering statistics from the police and the sheriff's office, as well as interviewing survivors, activists and government officials. The experience has been life-changing for me, as my eyes were opened not only to the magnitude of the problem (locally, nationally and globally) but also to the ways in which we as a society are working against it. I have been alternately disheartened and inspired; the project has even brought me to tears.

I am finishing up as it is due this month, and it will be published in March. I will keep everyone updated.

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Barb said...

I'm very interested in your project. I'm a writer from Montana, working on the final book of a trilogy about my family, and in particular about my narcissistic, sociopathic father. My website is www.dancingonhisgrave.com Descriptions of the two previous books can be found there, along with a link to my blog. I'd love to hear from you.