Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have not written poetry in a long while. I was doing well with and enjoying my little poetry challenge and need to get back on it. I will soon be scouring the shelves of the library to discover who Poet #3 will be :)

In other news, my editor is working over the domestic violence feature. This is a weird process for any writer - it feels like you have given birth to a baby and someone takes her and dyes her hair and changes her clothes and everything - but fortunately, my editor is a really smart, really nice guy. The process is, therefore, going well.

I am also writing an ebook on marketing tips and tricks for writers, so stay tuned for that.


colleen said...

Maybe Paplo Neruda for Valentine's Day?

stu said...

Editors can be fun, can't they? On the poetry front, it sounds like a great idea. Just be careful not to get stuck on one poet the way a lot of musicians get stuck as copies of their favourite player. I say this as someone who spent far too long as the world's worst Joe Satriani impersonator. (still, I've got more hair these days)

April Boland said...

Colleen, I wish I would have seen this before I left for the library :) I love Neruda, maybe he will be next. Instead I took out "Transformations" by Anne Sexton.

Stu, yes, editors are fun. I am one myself so I hardly have the right to complain! I have already written in the style of Sappho and Omar Khayyam so I will not get stuck on one poet, but thanks for the tip. I find this little exercise has really opened up my writing to go places it has never gone before.