Friday, February 1, 2008

The Writer Writes a Novel

I finished my feature and received positive feedback from my editor - yay :)

This has left me with free time to write for myself. So did I get cracking on my novel in progress?

No. I started a new one.

I was never aware that I had ADD until now.

I had an idea for a novel that is based on real events in my family's past (think great great greats). I know a bit about the lives of these people and I have always been fascinated to find out more, but very little information is available, which frustrates me. I decided that if I cannot know my history, then I will recreate it. That's all a writer can do.

So I took out my vintage photo of the great great greats and started writing. I'm happy with the one page or so I wrote and am anxious to continue. So do I just forget about my first novel?

I love the first novel but I kind of hit a wall considering I never learned how to write a novel. Writing a novel is quite different than writing a long story. It just is. You have to structure it in a special way and I need to learn that way, otherwise I will keep writing and writing and not getting anywhere.

I read so many novels it's unbelievable, so I feel that I should know how to create my own by now. Since I do not, I think I'm going to sit down and outline my favorite novels, as well as ask around at my writing groups. Only way to learn.

I dream of middle-of-the-night furious writing sessions with just me, a cup of coffee, a cigarette and a typewriter. I don't smoke and I don't own a typewriter but it's such grand imagery, and very sexy.


stu said...

False starts are to be expected. At least you haven't finished the first couple of novels and THEN decided that they're not going to work.

I know you'll probably keep aiming for perfection, and rightly so, but remember, insisting on it too much can stop you ever finishing. I think the relevant quote is 'A novel is a long piece of fiction with something wrong with it' (I'm probably going to spend days trying to remember who said that.)

Andi said...

Mmhmm, I have ADD too!