Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last night I wrote the epilogue to my novel. Felt kind of silly considering I have not even cracked 3,000 words yet, but it came to me and I jotted it down. Maybe it will come in handy.

I formed a writing critique group with two other women, and we are supposed to meet next week. I have never been involved in one before because I am sensitive (read: scared), but it is a necessary step. I hope it goes well and we all get a lot out of it.

I received my copy of the book that shall not be named (the one I contributed to with a pseudonym) last month. It looks amazing and I am so proud to be a part of it. The publishing company and I have been trying to get the word out to editors, even making myself available for an interview. No one has bit yet, except for one local magazine, and they only have room for a blurb. *Shrug* I'll take it. I want the book to do well because the proceeds go to charity, and besides, I don't exactly need the exposure under a fake name. Still pretty exciting though. Cannot wait for the big publication party.

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stu said...

Setting up your own writing group sounds like a good idea. That way, you know the people in it well enough to make the most of their opinion. I know there's an argument for joining more general ones, where there's a chance of running into someone who does higher quality work and who can thus give very useful feedback, but personally I've never been able to go quite that far. A brief online thing, and pestering my mate Adam seem to be about all my ego can take.

Congrats on the contribution coming out.