Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Introverted Writer, Unmasked

The Austin WriterGrrls have a retreat every summer where they spend a weekend away at someone's beautiful lake house. Everyone who is qualified to teach a subject does so in little workshops; for example, one woman previously taught on haikus while another has decided to teach about one-act plays.

This year, they have asked me to present on how to start your own e-zine, since they are familiar with Della Donna. I was and am pretty flattered, though I am not a public speaker. (How many writers are, really?) I had better get enough material together to fill up 50 minutes - eek! - and soon.


Andi said...

You'll do great! What fun. :)

stu said...

Public speaking when you know the people involved is usually more fun than the other sort, though they do seem to think it amounts to a licence to heckle.