Friday, May 16, 2008

Dang, I miss posting. Yes, I said "dang."

I met with the fabulous editor of the Good Life Magazine the other night and we nailed down my next assignment. It will be a special report on sexual violence, focusing on rape, incest and molestation. (Not exactly a light summery topic, is it?) It will be similar to the domestic violence piece in many areas, including its scope (immediately Austin, but growing incrementally) and my methods. I anticipate that it will be much more difficult, especially when you get into the abuse of children.

The topic was my idea. Part of me wonders what I could have been thinking, while the other says, "You like to complain about the horrible things in the world. You have sisters who have to grow up in it. Do something about it."

So I will.

Wish me luck... prayers, even.


Anonymous said...

This won't be easy. There will be stories you'll hear that will make you question the very nature of mankind. No one teaches for nearly forty years, as I have done, without knowing that some of the things that are done to children are beyond evil. But, if we don't talk about them then there is no chance of us ever managing to bring them to a stop. Plan ways for yourself in advance that will help you to cope with what you hear and treats that will boost you and help you to distance yourself. You can't help if you become so involved that you immobilise yourself. Good Luck.

stu said...

I'm sure that if anyone can do this well, you can. It certainly needs to be said.

On a lighter note, what's with this 'dang' business? Learn some proper swearwords already. Do you think Ozzy Osbourne got to where he is today by saying dang?

April Boland said...

TT, I agree. I am just hoping that the story might do something for someone. It will include tips on what to do if you are raped and warning signs to look for in your children, so I am banking on the fact that it will be useful.

Thank you Stu. I'm from New York City so I'm not afraid of the four letter words, but this is a professional writer's blog! ;)

Andi said...

Good luck with it! It won't be easy, but it will be *so* worth it in the end.