Sunday, April 22, 2012

So yes, I did begin NaPoWriMo and I did write some poems, but I decided against posting them here.  I can't simply churn out a masterpiece each time like my wonderful friend here.  So I am keeping them close to the chest until I find a few that I would like to post publicly or publish somewhere.

But I'm glad I've revived the blog because I've really missed writing about the books I'm reading and the literary events I'm attending and - well, just writing.  I haven't taken serious time to write since I lived in Austin, almost 2 years ago.  The only exception was a NaNoWriMo attempt last year and a recent short memoir piece I churned out because I was inspired.

One of the writerly things I'm looking forward to this month is attending Grace Bello's Skillshare class on humor writing.  I met Grace at a Social Media Meetup event last year and she was delightful. I'm looking forward to taking her class since she's got such an amazing track record and has gotten great reviews as a teacher.

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