Sunday, November 4, 2007

Poet #1: Sappho

Her work is outstanding. I have really enjoyed reading it and I have been inspired to write some succinct poems, some of which call out to gods and speak back to myself, in her style. Here are some of my favorite lines of hers:

"Without warning
as a whirlwind
swoops on an oak
Love shakes my heart"

"You may forget but
let me tell you
this: someone in
some future time
will think of us"

"When they were tired
Night rained her
thick dark sleep
upon their eyes"


colleen said...

Almost reminds me of the sparseness of old Chinese poetry. The last one is my favorite.

April Boland said...

I really enjoyed reading the whole collection of her works, and it was a quick read, as most poetry collections generally are. You should consider reading it :)