Friday, November 2, 2007

I subscribe to Jill Badonsky's monthly newsletter on writing, The Muse Is In, and this month's edition contains an interesting piece on suggestions for journaling.

Muse Trysts: Special Journalers Unit

Adding a Creative Twist to your Journal Writing:

  • Write lists (they help your mind think with more creative resourcefulness.. always leave room for more ideas to be added to your lists so that your subconscious continues to work on them.) List ideas: a list of how you can make journal writing more YOU, a list of themes you'd like your life to take on, list your gripes, resentments, fears and peeves then write a segue at the bottom, "I now release these and make room for inspiration."

  • At the bottom of your journal entry write a quick review of its highlights as if you were a book or movie critic.

  • Write an entry recording your day as if your life were living exactly the way you'd like it to go.

  • Write about yourself in the third person. e.g. "She had no idea what she was going to write but she began anyway."

  • Write headlines about your life: e.g. Woman Moves to Vintage House in Urban Neighborhood: Redefines Peeling Paint as Shabby Chic. Then see how your journal writing goes.

  • Write a How-To Article… How To Get Through The Day Today. How To Work With A Boss Who Is Bonkers. How To Forge A New Pathway In Life. And then proceed to make a list of how-tos that relate to the title.

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