Thursday, February 7, 2008

On Sunday morning, after having taken the op-ed seminar on Saturday, I was sitting at my kitchen table, drinking coffee and reading Half the Human Experience. When I came across the definition of sexual harassment, I soon realized that I had experienced it several times as a child in school. I had been upset by these occurrences but also thought of them as typical behavior for boys. I was immediately inspired to put the new skills I had learned to work and write an op-ed.

It always makes me nervous to publish personal things about myself, but I thought that it's important to talk about these things if I don't want them repeating in, say, the lives of my little sisters.

Today I was delighted to learn that the Austin American-Statesman had published my op-ed (albeit with their own title - I had dubbed it "The Dark Side of Coming of Age"), and many women I know are telling me that they, too, have experienced what I experienced. I'm glad I wrote it.

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