Friday, March 7, 2008

C. Hope Clark writes in her FundsForWriters newsletter:

The serious writer:
  • writes regardless of the circumstances
  • rewrites until he can't stand to look at the words
  • rewrites more until he adores his words and wonders how the heck he ever wrote that first draft
  • would like to earn money as a writer but won't stop writing because he can't pay the rent from the income
  • is in no hurry to publish a great story
  • doesn't submit not knowing if the story is good


stu said...

One thought on the last point. Some of us never think our work is good, even when it is, and when other people have told us it is. I guess I can't be a serious writer then. (Just a pessimistic one) Still, why should someone else get to define whether we're serious about this writing stuff?

April Boland said...

Good point. I think she was mainly saying that you cannot consider yourself a serious writer if you don't work your tush off.