Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I am quite frustrated with my hosting service. My website,, has been down for a week, though it has always been maintained and paid for. The thing that bothers me is how it might hurt my credibility. The last thing I need is editors finding an "expired" site through my link. Voice mails and emails haven't helped yet. BlueFish Hosting, you disappoint.

In other news, I really got a handle on my second (and now primary) novel. If anyone pays attention to the word count bars on the side of this blog, you will have noticed that after a very long dry spell, I wrote 1,100+ words of novel #2 on Sunday. My boyfriend and I spend a lot of time reading, writing and lounging in local coffeehouses, and we found one on Sunday that was so comfortable and great that I let loose a barrage of inspiration. It was pretty exciting, after all this time of banging my head against the wall.

In order to keep my momentum, I scoured the shelves of local libraries for appropriate books so I can research both the time period and the various psychological aspects of my characters. Wish me luck.

I leave you with a great quote from Suzanne Harrison that I found in my Worldwide Freelance Writer newsletter this morning:

"If you want to be a professional writer, earn your living as a writer, and succeed and prosper as a writer, then you must treat your writing as you would any other business, or professional service. Set your writing hours, and keep them. Don't wait for the muse to strike. Get up every day and write, regardless of what you're thinking or feeling. How would your boss respond if you didn't bother turning up for work? Would he understand that you "just don't feel like it today?" No, I didn't think so. So why do you treat your writing any differently?"


stu said...

Doing the writing is the important part, and that is a habit, definitely. One slight warning from my own novel writing experiences. If this new one is your primary novel, commit to it. My brain finds a point ten or twenty thousand words in where it tries to distract me from the difficult bits by throwing up great ideas for other things I could be writing. Write them down for later, certainly, but don't give in to temptation. That said, good luck with the new novel.

Andi said...

Good luck with the hosting peeps. We had a similar issue with Estella recently, but it all got ironed out after several angry e-mails to tech support.

And yay for novel writing! I wish I had some more time at the moment. I feel like I could let loose, but I have other obligations crowding my head.

Laura said...

I've been using for three years and have never had a problem. Tech support emails me back the same day usually. I've never seen my site down and I do check it every day.