Sunday, July 13, 2008

TSS Week 12

Only Human has been on the bookshelf for years. I bought it for about a buck at a used bookstore and just never got around to it. On a whim, I started reading it last week and breezed right through it.

I am a fan of biblical historical fiction that is written from a humanistic or secular perspective. In fact, I bought this novel because it reminded me of The Red Tent, one of my all-time favorites. Only Human focuses on the story of Abram and Sarai, more popularly known as Abraham and Sarah from the Old Testament. The author, Jenny Diski, alternates between an unnamed 3rd person omniscient narrator to God's first person narration. God is an interesting character and, to tell you the truth, not all that likeable. In portraying him this way, Diski flipped the story on its head, which is part of what I loved about Diamant's retelling of a biblical story.

My copy is available on BookMooch if anyone is interested in having it.

I have been reading Jane Eyre through DailyLit emails for months now, but I am finally towards
the end. I see that my friend who continually raves about the novel was completely right. I am in love. I will write more when I finish it!

Finally, I have begun William S. Buck's translation of The Ramayana. Ever since reading his fantastic translation of The Mahabharata for a literature course, I have been wanting to read this one. Though I am currently reading several books, I decided while I was at the library that if it was on the shelf, in stock, it would be a sign that I was meant to read it. The computer said it was but it was not in its place. After scouring all of the return carts, I found it. Does that still count as fate telling me to read it? :)


stu said...

Doesn't God count as an omniscent third person?

April Boland said...

Hehe... normally, but he seemed much more human-like in this novel. I'm sure he thought he knew everything, but I wasn't convinced.

Andi said...

Jane Eyre is one of those books that I almost finished. I have, say, 30 pages to go, but I already know how it ends, so I haven't bothered picking it back up. Blarrg. I do love it, though. Much moreso than Wuthering Heights!