Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Writer Has a Cup of Coffee and Thinks Out Loud

There are talks among some of us Austin WriterGrrls about creating a critique group. I tried in the past but it fell flat after one member (of three total) decided it wasn't for her. It's difficult to have a critique group with only two members. I suppose you can do it but I don't think it was what either of us wanted, so the whole thing came to an end.

The discussion has been revived among writers of non-fiction and has led to the idea of having a group that accepts members who are working on non-fiction or fiction. We are all professional writers and I don't think it would do any harm; in fact, it might break up the monotony. There is some interest and I am really hoping it takes off because getting honest feedback on my novel in progress is something I could really use.

In other news, those of you who are on Facebook can become a fan of Della Donna if you so wish. I should probably put that up on the actual DD site somewhere. I am planning a design change now that I am being trained on the Adobe Creative Suite. I plan to, at the very least, overhaul the banner on top.

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stu said...

Even critiquing with just one other person can work if you both make an effort with it. The more people you have though, the less chance there is of everybody being busy or disinterested just as you really need their opinions.