Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Writer Must Refocus

Despite my silence, a lot has been going on recently. I am stuck in a quandary of where to spend my time and devote my energy. My personal Achilles' heel is to believe I can do 50,000 things at a time and to then attempt it. Through discussions with friends and personal reflection, I have realized once again that it is time to prioritize and make some sacrifices. (Ugh! So hard!)

Anywho, rather than waste more time discussing how I manage (or don't manage) my time :) I am going to give my brief updates!

The most pressing and arguably exciting news is that next Saturday, May 23rd, is my newest panel on women's issues at BookWoman in Austin, Texas. You can find all of the info at their website. The panel is chock full of impressive ladies and it should be great, so if you are in Austin please come out. We'd love to meet and talk with you!

Aside from that, I am focusing once again on my novel. The critique group I belong to is really helping me learn how to "show, don't tell" and bring my scenes to life. It's very exciting!


stu said...

Your word counter has moved on, well done.

April Boland said...

Thank you :) I like that they believe I'm 41% done when I am really not. It is motivating, somewhat.